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Daily stuff has a way of taking over life. Like weeds have a way of taking over garden beds. Especially when it rains. And rains. And rains. But the interesting thing is that all of nature, as created, is focused on increase of life, be it weeds, (any plant growing where some person does not want it) or vegetable, fruit, or flower (any plant that some person does want growing where it is).  The original command was “be fruitful, multiply, fill, reproduce after own kind,” to all that had life. And after all the eons of time, it still is happening. Seriously.

Hanging planters

Hanging planters

Have you noticed we joyfully go out and plant, and plant, and plant those things we want growing where we plant them, and nature just ignores our desires.  If there is an empty space, it is determined to fill it up with weeds (things we don’t want growing there).  Except in those places where we wish had something growing.  Like grass in the bare spot on the lawn.

In case you might wonder why there has been no blog article for a while, I will tell you it is the fault of the weeds. They LOVE my good, rich, composty soil in my beds. I have been trying to impose my will over them.  Except for when it is raining. But if you are like me, you haven’t had time to notice anyway because you probably have some weeds of your own, or grass that needs mowing every other day. Because of the rain. Formula: Rain, grass grows, mow, rain, grass grows, mow.

But the NICE part is that the LORD has been taking care of watering for me except where things are covered.  And the plants I do want have been growing right along with the weeds.  They don’t seem to mind sharing at all. And those veggies have been growing big time.  Corn is taller than my head and tasseling, I have lots of blooms and some fruit already – string beans, cucumbers, green bell peppers, tomatoes, squash.  For me all of the above is daily life lessons. My own children grew up with this as daily life lessons also. And I have tried to incorporate this into my grandchildren, all who were not raised with gardens, and farming.

I was listening to a speaker at the Master Gardeners meeting who was telling us about a community garden that they are trying to start, and about needing to educate people who have never experienced growing gardens.  This is sad, because many people in our country who have lived in cities, do not have any idea about the food they eat. Daily life does not include seeing plants grow food.  I have had some experience with that in my own neighborhood over the years I have lived here and grown different things.

Fruit and Flowers

Fruit and Flowers

Years ago I planted a peach tree in the front yard, and kept it pruned, until it got big enough to carry the fruit well.  The first year I had fruit on it, I had a knock one morning from a neighbor.  She had stopped her car in the street, and came to the door to ask me if those were peaches growing on my tree.  I said yes, and she asked if she could have one.  I said no, not yet – it is not yet ripe but come back in a few weeks and you can have one right off the tree.  She said she had never seen fruit growing on a tree.  She was a grown woman with good size children.

She also said she did not realize that was a fruit tree.  She had seen it grow but it seemed like it hadn’t been there that long.  I told her it was 3 years old, but I had worked on pruning and not letting it put on fruit, so it would be big and strong for a good harvest. And we had a conversation about growing and pruning that helps us grow, like Scripture says.  She said she stopped for a peach and got a lesson on life.

I did not start out with this in mind.  For me, growing as much as possible of what I eat is just normal life.  And a love of the soil is part of my DNA I think.  I gain so much from participating in this miracle of interacting with nature, and the LORD.  It is and has always been one of the ways He teaches me lessons from life, in understanding Him and His ways, and my dependence on Him for daily supply.  Over the 19 years here at Baker Street, I have tried to care for this ground, and give back as it gives to me.  And I have kept in mind, this lesson – that not everyone has seen these miracles. And I have tried to share them when opportunity comes.

It is interesting as I have pondered this, over these last two plus years.  For the first time, I have realized this year, that my strength to keep up with the gardening this year, is not what it was.  I even considered selling for a smaller place.  And I realized, it would be easy to move out of the house. But giving up the yard, and the beds and the plants, my access to interacting with the earth, would be hard – so ingrained as it is – to me-  very hard.

For me, it is a constant reminder that life is always about increase, when it is in the hands of the LORD. It reminds me of the cycles of life, the lessons it teaches us and that each year, we remain in the realm of the earth, we have a new shot at life, and reproducing – increasing life around us.  In someone.  In some way. Pointing them to Him, Who is Life, abundant.

Life abundant – full and free,
This is what He gives to me.
Increase was the original command.
Reproduce, multiply, all life demands.

Life is always about increase,
And wonders of His love don’t cease
To teach me things I need to know
To make me strong and help me grow.

To make me more like Him each day,
To weather life’s storms and come what may.
To increase and grow to all I can be,
To express His life – abundantly.


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